Local Love - Jonathan Segal

Meet the funny and lovable Jon Segal!

Meet the funny and lovable Jon Segal!

Say hello one of Purdy Ave's most familiar faces - Jonathan Segal. Jon is a Flywheel and Barry's fanatic who in his free time also happens to be a kickass lawyer. We connected with him to hear about his local love affair with Miami, his daily cup of joe and his favorite bike ride in our famous 'hood.

What do you love about Miami?

There are so many things I love about Miami and more specifically Miami Beach. Obviously the year round beautiful weather that allows you to be outdoors and participate in activities from paddle boarding to riding your bikes is a draw. I also truly love the diversity that you are exposed to on a daily basis. Whether it is the eclectic people you meet to the wide array of food choices makes Miami Beach the place to live. I have lived here since 1989 and been captivated by the growth and sense of community that has blossomed on Miami Beach.

We love that! What got you into bikes?

My lovely wife Amy Segal got me into bikes. First, it was spinning with her almost on a daily basis at Flywheel, where she is an instructor, to recently riding our bikes from our home to Purdy Ave to partake in the many offerings of this truly amazing community. To think we can ride our bikes to Purdy to enjoy Panther coffee, take a Flywheel or Barry’s class and then stop at True Loaf to grab a box of cookies for the boys on the way home makes riding so rewarding albeit fattening. 

Ha! Mmmm... True Loaf cookies are so good. What’s your favorite ride in Miami to burn off those delicious calories?

Besides riding from our home to Purdy Avenue, I think one of the most fulfilling rides is when the entire family jumps on our bikes and heads up North Bay Road to LaGorce Island. While I must have jogged or ridden my bike around the Island over a thousand times, each time I find myself seeing something new and always find myself telling Amy, “this is exactly why we live on Miami Beach.”

And Jon, last but not least... what's your favorite place on Purdy Ave?

Hands down Panther Coffee. I cannot start my day without a cappuccino from Panther.  

Well said, brother man. We love you Jon and can't wait to see you Thursday night 7:15pm for our Ridin' Purdy ride!