Local Love - Brian Guadagno

It's time for some local love! We caught up with our new bud, Brian Guadagno - entrepreneur and founder of Raw Elements USA sunscreen. When Brian isn't crafting up all natural, organic sunscreens or cruising around Miami, you can find him spending his summers as a lifeguard captain in his native Rhode Island. 

photo credit: Trip Burman

photo credit: Trip Burman

What do you love about the MIA? I’ve been living in Miami for seven years now. While some of the elements that attracted me here then still do, I feel I have matured and grown as Miami has. I am very much affected by the weather and the sunny beach life makes me happy. There is a wide variety of happenings at anytime here, constant motion and energy and in such a small community. Art Basel is such an incredible event and each year I feel I learn more and meet new forward thinking people that in someway impact me. Over the past few years, it’s been incredible to see the growth and development of the local craft food and drink culture, too. The boom of the natural living and yoga community is amazing, it has captivated me and made my life better.  It’s such a wonderful array of supportive, motivated, quality people and it has facilitated a true ‘home’ feel in a very transient locale. Over these last few years, I really feel Miami is a a place I can be proud to call home and I'm excited for this to only grow.

We know exactly what you mean - what hope of vision do you have for Miami?  What will a perfect Miami look like to you in 5 years?
Well, I think it would likely start with an end to the road construction on the beach! (Editors note: Agreed, Brian) There has been so much growth lately, hopefully all of that growth will lead to more support of local based businesses and initiatives.  Miami is an attractive place to launch a business or an idea so it would be great to continue seeing new things happen here.  It would also be wonderful to see more emphasis from the city and from ourselves as a community on environmental concerns.  We have beautiful beaches, ocean, reefs and we need to do more to bring awareness and attention to protecting these.  While Miami is a very fast, quick pleasure for the transient visitors, it is home for us and we should seek ways to help sustain its environment.  

What is your favorite spot on Purdy Ave?
There are so many great ones to choose from today!  I would have to say for sure, Panther Coffee.  I am a coffee fanatic and have a strong interest in every aspect of coffee from the cultivation of the beans to the social experience inside of the coffee house.  It is really awesome to see Panther being pioneers here in Miami and finally bringing the american coffee house concept to Miami - and it being so well received.  Their product is excellent and the experience stacks up there, with it's own Miami twist, to coffee houses on the West Coast.  

What is your favorite way to sweat?
The deep sweat from a heated yoga practice or a core/dynamic beach workout and long SUP under the sun.  After a hot yoga sweat, I really feel a difference mentally and physically - a cleansing and purifying feeling.  The beach is my home and being outside pushing a workout in the soft sand or a long paddle on the water leaves me feeling invigorated. That followed by the ocean - the sea salt’s negative ion charge always creates positive vibes!

What is your favorite bike ride in Miami Beach?
I would have to say riding over the Venetian Causeway.. heck, even driving over the Venetian Causeway is beautiful!  On a bike, it's perfect.  It’s such a gorgeous experience and it offers so many different looks and feels, which really is what makes Miami so unique - you can experience the beach, the bay, the boats, others cruising on bike, foot, board, etc, the downtown Miami skyline and even the beautiful residential neighborhood, there is so much to be taken in!