Local love - Ashli Katz

You may have seen her zooming by on her custom fixie, or maybe you've spotted her in line at JugoFresh, but in the rare event that neither of those happened - you have definitely heard about her epic FlyBarre classes at FlyWheel on Purdy Ave.

Enter the one... the only - Ashli Katz.

AK, as she is called by some, is a Purdy Ave fixture - and although she had a bike stolen from the avenue a few years back, she has recently reclaimed her right to ride. We caught up with Ashli and she gave us the scoop on her Miami lifestyle and why she loves this 'hood. 

What do you love about Miami? I love the vibe and lifestyle here! I feel that people really enjoy life, and make the most of it. I also love my hood in particular - ocean, bay, palm trees, bikes, fitness, paddle boarding, cafes, sunshine, shopping, and happiness :)

What got you into riding bikes? It was a few things... the first is feeling the wind in my hair and cruisin'. And just like in fashion, your bike can be an expression of your personality. I built my bike in every detail and every time I see it, I want to ride it. It makes me happy and is a definite expression of my style.  And finally, with all the construction that has taken over Miami Beach, riding my bike means that I am not a part of the ongoing traffic, which also means I'm a much happier individual with a lot better energy. Score.

What's your favorite ride in Miami Beach? I love to ride the Venetian - there's a bike lane throughout and it has lots of good views of the water and Miami. It's a total scenic route and I feel safe riding it.

And what's your favorite spot on Purdy Ave? Flywheel of course! I spend most of my time there since I teach there, but I always love a good hangout sesh outside of Panther coffee. It's nice to get to "check-in" with familiar faces and enjoy my surroundings with a great cup of coffee. Yum. It's pretty clear Ashli makes the most of her Purdy Ave lifestyle. Look out for her on her rad bike and give her a wave next time you see her on the block!

Come join us tomorrow night Wed 11/5 at 6:30pm at the Sunset Harbour Marina for another edition of Ridin' Purdy - group bike rides with kickass peeps that make you fall back in love with Miami.