Five Purdy secret lunch spots

Excellent in the morning but no substitute for a fresh and healthy lunch in the hood.

Excellent in the morning but no substitute for a fresh and healthy lunch in the hood.

Hey hey Purdacious people!

So picture this… you're fabulously strolling around Purdy and you realize… "Holy smokes. I haven't had anything to eat since my almond milk latte from Panther that I had after Flywheel this morning. That was hours ago. I am positively STARVED!!!"

What a predicament! Where to eat a quick lunch in Purdy land. They're totally out of Zak the Baker sandwiches at Panther… do I cobble together a lunch of GinnyBakes and green tea? Actually sit down at Icebox? Order from somewhere? Get in the car and DRIVE all the way to Whole Foods? UGH. The struggle.

Here are some Purdy awesome little lunch moves that you may or may not know about, some of our pur-sonal faves...

1. $5 Roll of the Week at Pubbelly Sushi. Five bones gets you a pretty hearty lunch roll, usually involving fish and often crunchy bits. You can order ahead or sit down outside, they serve it up nice and quick-like. Be forewarned… it's only available at lunch so get it before 3pm!

2. Milk Gone Nuts. The name says it all. It's milk that's gone a little crazy. Too much time in South Florida, clearly. Most people know this place simply as "The Gas Station." Stroll or bike over to Alton and check out the organic kitchen inside the Texaco slash car wash. This basically sums up Miami. Random combination of things that all somehow sort of work. Try their salads and their frozen delights. Taste their coconut milk while you're at it. Little bits of coconut inside the milk?! YUM. 

3. JugoFresh salads. For a real lunch style dish, the Aji brown rice salad bowl is the This bad boy boasts brown rice, black beans, pickled red cabbage, pico de gallo, green beans with a fantastic dressing. It's easy, filling and quick. Boom. Grab a juice for the road and back to Buro you go!

4. Now you have to cross Alton for this one (which currently feels like fording the river in Oregon Trail) but Carrot Express is always good for a quick sandwich or veggie burger wrap. And they deliver! 

5. The Special. Not a lot of people know about this one. And that is why it is the special. This daily lunch delivery service whips up a fresh lunch every day and then drops off fresh and healthy grub straight to your door. Order the night before for a yummy surprise lunch, which is always kind of fun. $12.50 includes delivery. 

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And for a sneaky little aperitif, dip over to Fresh Market for a free sip of coffee to cleanse your palate.

Those little cups are the perfect size for a post-lunch cafecito!

Stay cool, Purdy people!