Ridin' Purdy


Here at Purdy Ave, we are all about conscious living. Thinking about the things you say and do. Picking paper over plastic. Saying what up to your neighbor. Getting off your phone and having a real conversation. Cultivating a yoga and meditation practice. Riding a bike instead of driving a car. Oh yeah... riding bikes y'all.

Tonight we're hosting our first Ridin' Purdy bike ride, something we have wanted to do for a looong time. On a yoga-cation to LA a few years ago, we were totally inspired by the community out there. Community gardens, bike rides, dinners. We came back and we were like, fuck yeah, let's start a BIKE CLUB. It will be awesome!!!

So we started a club called the Tight Hipsters (teehee… #yogajokes) and we put up a little Facebook page and tried to get a group together for a ride. And… crickets. No one came out to ride:(

A few years later, our bike dreams reincarnated as Purdy Ave, we are at it again. And much to our delight, this local community is bigger, better and more robust than ever. And this time around, we are way more social media savvy.

We hope you can come out and Ride Purdy with us tonight, because this is the kind of thing that is the makings of a fresher, healthier South Florida. We are proud to call Miami home, because there is so much great stuff happening all around us. Way to go, MIA - you are finally getting as smart as you are sexy.

Ride on, Miami. Ride on.