Local love - Jennefer Mercado

We sat down with one of our favorite fixie females, Jennefer Mercado - the manager for lululemon Miami Beach and a South Beach bike riding queen - to hear her stories of #bikelove for Miami Beach. 

jennefer mercado purdy ave

What do you love about Miami? I love our summer sunsets and our fake winters... although I'm from NY, I'm not a fan of the cold. Brrr!

What got you into riding bikes? I was inspired by the lovely Amy Dannheim. We rode Critical Mass together and I had to borrow an old "rinky dink" little bike, it was one of the most challenging events of my life. Not even running the Miami Marathon and finishing it on a limping leg was this difficult. It was bad to the point where I even considered giving up and just taking the bus home! But I pulled it together and stayed with the pack. On the way back over the Venetian, Amy was kind enough to offer to swap bikes with me for the last 3 miles. I fell in love with her Pure Fix.

I came home with the worst lower back pain because of the other rinky dink bike... which I then learned was a 9 year-old's bike... whoops! Despite the pain, all I could talk about was how awesome it was to ride Amy's bike. I felt so free and happy. For months, I was online obsessing over bikes. A few months later my husband Jose surprised me for Christmas, I got home one day and found a huge box with a red bow on it. I opened it up to find my sweet ride, a Pure Fix fixie - matte black with gold rims ("The India") and I love everything about her! 

What's your favorite bike path in Miami? My favorite route is Euclid Ave. I feel so safe, the bike lanes are wide and the road is paved and nice and smooth. My wish is that all the streets in Miami Beach were like Euclid. 

We feel the same way - Euclid is a great ride! Thanks Jen for sharing your local love and making Purdy Ave a better place with your great personality, big smile and warm heart! Come ride with Jen and the Purdy crew at our next ride Thursday, October 2nd at 7:15pm and keep spreading the #locallove! 

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