Mike D on Community and Connection

I hurt. I am human. I'm going out on a limb and making an assumption that you hurt too. Whether the pain is from your father buying you a Honda instead of a BMW or the feeling of being all alone and having thoughts of killing yourself - the pain is all very real and the same. It's what unites us and brings us together, it's the shared experience of pain and joy. Bliss and sadness. If it wasn't for the pain would it be possible to understand bliss?

I recently forgot about the things that made me happy: surfing, yoga, nature, a connection to a community that I feel apart of. Instead I focused on working, I put in 16 hours a day and had zero balance. As a result, I was brought to my knees. I literally experienced a mental breakdown. In that breakdown, I came to find the most precious gift of all - connection. Connection to nature, and to the people in our own little neighborhood, Purdy Ave. I was in such a dark place, yet the light that shined from the people in this special neighborhood was so bright it took me out of my sorrow. Even more significant was the genuine connection that we share on this little street in the heart of Miami Beach. 

Having a community where I could share exactly where I was. Not pretend to be better than I was, to fake that I was "doing well!" but the ability to tell people that I hurt and share authentically about that pain brought me back from the depths of sorrow and into the state of bliss.

Connection to nature and to a community that I felt a part of. Are these the things that could be of most value to us as part of this human experience? 

Could connection be the cure to the struggles we all face? 

What does community and connection mean to you? 


Guest post by: Mike Dannheim 

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